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No Raffles At This Time

Thank you so much to everyone who bought a raffle ticket for the Autumn Bourbon Raffle Benefitting Habitat for Humanity of Henderson, Kentucky. Below are the winners of the raffle listed.

All winners of 1st through 20th place prize packages have been contacted by Henderson, KY Habitat Staff. Please be advised that all prize packages must be taken possession of by November 30th, 2022.

All proceeds raised from this event will help our affiliate continue to build houses, build hope and change lives in the Henderson, Kentucky community. We sincerely appreciate every raffle ticket purchase, and thank you for your continued support of affordable housing.

Here are the winning numbers for the 2022 Autumn Bourbon Raffle. Congratulations to all the winners!

1st A. Richardson #9856
2nd M. Brorman #1183
3rd L. Wantland #4794
4th J. Hunter #711
5th A. Crafton #8121
6th M. Burns #6814
7th S. Luikaart #8432
8th D. Todd #9851
9th J. Adair #5658
10th K. Lawler #1250

11th J. Ferrante #8696
12th D. Arbuckle #6094
13th J. Garfield #5812
14th G. Cooper #7863
15th S. Hendrix #4953
16th J. Andrews #2432
17th P. Brown #6539
18th F. Spittler #3567
19th R. Lajoie #6588
20th J. Litton #4894

There are currently no raffles at this time.

Please check back soon!

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