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No Raffles At This Time

Thank you so much to everyone who bought a raffle ticket for the Kentucky Bourbon Collection Raffle Benefitting Habitat for Humanity of Henderson, Kentucky. Below are the winners of the raffle listed. (Please note that leading zeros have to be listed on tickets pulled from the hopper during the live raffle event. The numbers listed below DO NOT contain the leading zeros, NOR are the leading zeros incorporated into the ticket number you received in your ticket confirmation purchase email.)

All winners of 1st through 12th place prize packages have been contacted by Henderson, KY Habitat Staff. All winners of 13th through 50th raffle prizes will be mailed a certified letter, on September 3rd, 2021, by Henderson, KY Habitat Staff with a return receipt requested.

All proceeds raised from this event will help our affiliate continue to build houses, build hope and change lives in the Henderson, Kentucky community. We sincerely appreciate every raffle purchase and thank you for your continued support of affordable housing.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Place Ticket Number Name
1st 3308 Steve Smetana
2nd 4071 David Weissman
3rd 151 Jason Watson
4th 1017 Margaret Crowley
5th 3863 Gary Mitchell
6th 3374 Jason Taylor
7th 619 Brian Gluecklich
8th 1833 JAMES WARD
9th 5798 Scott Hardy
10th 3104 Justin Fiske
11th 3532 Kelli McCarthy
12th 5500 Mark Highbaugh
13th 2176 Daniel Maynard
14th 1859 John Burch
15th 5366 David Rorrio
16th 1556 Christopher Stevens
17th 4499 Faith IMLER
18th 975 Kathy Kroupa
19th 3808 Martha Polk
20th 6158 Jenice Watts
21st 1921 Bryan McCoy
22nd 781 Charlie Metzger
23rd 3007 Philip Cissell
24th 4463 Barry Jones
25th 3486 Jason Naftal
27th 4113 Karla Delawder
28th 635 John McCrary
29th 2201 Mike Vergon
30th 4316 connie Brown
31st 3804 Thomas Eigel
32nd 3371 Joe Yesesky
33rd 813 Todd Appenzeller
34th 1679 Marvin Fischer
35th 2430 Lee Ann Sauter
36th 4425 Trevor Holland
37th 1633 Gary DeVault
38th 1149 Harold Masse
39th 2453 Brandon Hall
40th 6132 Sean Witte
41st 3938 Charles Schaber
42nd 3901 Lisa Luna
43rd 513 Stephany Jenkins
44th 4796 Gordon Cimoli
45th 6964 Jessica Brown
46th 4658 Peter Beukema
47th 5026 John Sutton
48th 2203 Trevor Anderson
49th 3434 Rebecca Young
50th 482 Erik Knight

There are currently no raffles at this time.

Please check back soon!

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