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Habitat for Humanity of Henderson, Kentucky wants all of our continued bourbon raffle supporters and all of our new supporters to know that you truly are AMAZING!!! We have had the pleasure of meeting so many new people from all over throughout our last 8 raffles. Bourbon (especially the really good stuff made right here in Kentucky­čśŐ) has a way of bringing good people together to do wonderful things in the communities we live in. We never dreamed it would make miracles happen for a small town community like Henderson, Ky! As we continue to learn and try to make each year better than the last, our mission has always been for everyone to have a safe, decent and affordable place to call home. There is a mixture of reasons our community, as well as communities across our whole country, are in a housing crisis. Homelessness, affordable housing and the highest interest rates in over a decade are some of the main contributors we are now facing.

Our mission continues to be to advocate, build, educate and fight for the American Dream! A very special Thanks to ALL OF YOU, for helping us Build Hope and Change Lives for even more families than EVER before! Words cannot express the sincere appreciation and love that we feel for each of you in making this the most successful bourbon raffle history to date and the most successful fundraiser in our 33 year history!! We know there are only going to be 32 prize winners, but to all of us and the families we serve, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU WHO PURCHASED A TICKET ARE THE REAL WINNERS!!!

God Bless you, keep being awesome cause the world needs more people like you! CHEERS!!!!

Habitat for Humanity of Henderson, Ky Staff

Bourbon Barrel Collections Raffle Winners 2023!

1st Place-Jamie Votaw

Ticket# 1585

9th Place-Steven McIntyre

Ticket# 9815

17th Place-Timothy Laugh

Ticket# 8247

25th Place-Terrance Evins

Ticket# 5920

2nd Place-Brian Hammersmith

Ticket# 1287

10th Place-Lisa Frey

Ticket# 4076

18th Place-Jon Jansen

Ticket# 2228

26th Place-Vincent Pulice

Ticket# 9341

3rd Place-Noah Funderburg

Ticket# 7908

11th Place-Paul Auerbach

Ticket# 5692

19th Place-Matthew Monaghan

Ticket# 4445

27th Place-Santina Gallimore

Ticket# 1288

4th Place-Chris McRae

Ticket# 8140

12th Place-Linda Herman

Ticket# 5432

20th Place-Kurt Humbert

Ticket# 1011

28th Place-Alexis Fankhouser

Ticket# 897

5th Place-Robert Junkroski

Ticket# 6888

13th Place-Judith Fink

Ticket# 8770

21st Place-Stephen Dimmitt

Ticket# 7455

29th Place-Aaron Smith

Ticket# 900

6th Place-Bethany Lenderman

Ticket# 3205

14th Place-Alan Scavone

Ticket# 8487

22nd Place-Brian Carrell

Ticket# 7972

30th Place-Gerad Miller

Ticket# 343

7th Place-Lawrence Wellstein

Ticket# 1493

15th Place-JohnnyKurugian

Ticket# 9190

23rd Place-Eric Strong

Ticket# 7376

31st Place-Donna Baughman

Ticket# 7387

8th Place-Sarah Dalke

Ticket# 8593

16th Place-Mike Plummer

Ticket# 1245

24th Place-Doris Gray

Ticket# 1107

32nd Place-Shirley Harrington

Ticket# 2383

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